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 Maud Robart

She was born in Haiti, where she became involved in the exploration of Afro-Haitian vaudou songs. Throughout her journey, these types of ritual songs will remain her privileged research tools.

1974-1977 She co-founds the artistic movement Saint Soleil in Haiti. This project enables her to dive into the art brut and its free unhindered expression. Moreover, this initiative provides her with the context to practically confront the questions raised in the creative tension between tradition and modernity. Together with 30 other members of that group, she participates in the Nancy World Theatre Festival.

1977-1993 She collaborates  as an artistic specialist with Jerzy Grotowski (Haiti, Poland, USA, Italy), in international study programs for research and continuing education in the field of performing arts and their ritual roots.

1987-1988 For two consecutive years, she receives the French Lavoisier Grant for her practical studies in field of theatre.

Since 1994 she leads workshops and discusses her work in conferences and universities in various countries in Europe and America. The ritual songs, movements and patterns of action associated with her research are rooted in the oral tradition and stand among the most archaic forms of art. In a transdisciplinary perspective, Maud Robart transmits the principles of those primordial techniques by building a path in which the direct experience is the ground for a process of exploration, as well as the basis of a living understanding.  The seeds of the past secretly germinate in the cultural era of today. 


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